2015 Liberty Coach Elegant Lady #781

Prevost H3-45

2015 Liberty Coach Elegant Lady #781

Fairfax Double Slide Edition
Stock #781

Bus Air, 24 Volt

2 Roof A/C, 2 Cruise A/C

The Farifax Edition

Black, Champagne, Gold, and Candy Apple Reds are an incredible combination on this exterior which is #1 of Dean Louchs Artist Series which includes the Art of Removal technology.  The Fairfax is the latest 1st in the industry which only Liberty Coach could create, this coach has Over the Road Bus Air with 2 Roof A/C units and 2 Cruise Air A/C units, this combination allows for the largest shower available in a Prevost conversion as well as 2 pass through bays of storage on a bus air coach, including a 60" lower bay TV without sacrificing any of our standard capacities.  The interior has an abondance of closet space in the bedroom as well as the hallway.  The interior design utilizes Walnut Crown cabinetry resting on a Ignea heated wood floor, note the incredible wood working detail of the hallway doors.  This coach also introduces the industry to another benchmark in audio/video and technology utilizing the latest lightning fast processor from Crestron along with our own enhanced Crosspoint programming plus an entirely new graphics package interfaced with the all new Apple iPad mini's.  Add to that HDBase-T HDMI audio/video switching and an exclusive agrrangement with the world renowned speaker manufacturer KEF and you have a audio/video system that will blow your mind.

Coach Highlights

  • Volvo D13 Engine, Allison 6 Speed Transmission
  • Moritz Octoplex electrical architecture
  • Crestron C3 processor with Liberty Coach enhanced Crosspoint
  • iPad Mini or iPad interface control
  • Tankless Insta-Hot Water Heater for Shower
  • Full HDMI Audio/Video utilizing HDBase-T 2-way communication
  • 60" Outside E-Center TV
  • Exclusive KEF Speaker packages for all audio 110 volt audio
  • Cutting Edge Lithium Ion Battery Technology
  • Complete interior and exterior LED lighting package
  • 2 Roof A/C and 2 Cruise Air A/C systems
  • Heated Flooring with 4 Zones