An Important Message About Liberty Coach Resale Values

An Important Message About Liberty Coach Resale Values

For over 40 years, Liberty Coach has earned a reputation for building the finest motor coaches on the planet, and the loyalty of our customers has been a big reason why. They buy directly from Liberty. They have their coaches serviced by Liberty. And when it comes time to sell or trade in, they come back to Liberty. 99% of all Liberty Coach owners wouldn’t think of doing anything else. And for good reason:

• Only Liberty Coach has the financial strength to buy your coach back from you for top dollar.

• If you prefer to sell on consignment, our coach consignment program is the most effective in the industry, with the most generous terms available.

• Best of all, Liberty Coach guarantees pre-owned coach buyers the industry’s highest level of customer support – including, on select models, an extension of our Lifetime Workmanship Limited Warranty.

Nevertheless, we still see the occasional pre-owned Liberty Coach popping up for sale at an unaffiliated third-party dealer. I find this disturbing, because it has the potential to hurt everyone – owner, seller, and company alike. Selling a few coaches in sub-standard condition today could very well lead to lower resale values for you and every Liberty owner down the road.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. Common sense says if you want the best return on your investment, keep your business with the best in the business.

I guarantee you we’ll do our part. We always have and always will.

So whether you’re selling, buying, or both, call me directly at 772.349.7025. I assure you it’s the best call you can make. Because the bottom line is, nobody stands behind Liberty Coach like Liberty Coach. 


Frank Konigseder
VP, Co-Owner



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