Liberty Coach Rolling Into Prime Time

Liberty Coach Rolling Into Prime Time

Time flies when you’re having fun – especially when you’re busy. That occurred to me a couple days ago when I noticed it's been almost a year since my last blog post here on Liberty Life. And what a year it's been!

First came the decision to bring legendary automotive painter and designer Dean Loucks onboard with Liberty Coach back in January. Then came our 40th Anniversary Celebration at our Florida Rally and Open House in February, which turned out be one of our biggest and best events ever. And while all that was going on, Liberty Coach sales literally took off and haven’t let up yet – giving us the best 1st half sales results we’ve seen in years.

Now Liberty Coach is about to make its national TV debut on not one but two new weekly cable programs: “Mega RV Countdown" on the Travel Channel and “EPIC” on Discovery Communications’ new national cable network, Destination America.

Both were shot during July and will debut later this year, marking the first time a luxury motor coach company has been featured on two nationally syndicated TV programs at the same time. “EPIC” premieres in December on Destination America; an airdate for “Mega RV Countdown” has yet to be announced. 

You can find more information about the shows and the Liberty episodes in the “News” section of this website. But right now, I’d like to expound on a point I made during the production of the Travel Channel piece. 

In talking about the concept of the show, “Mega RV Countdown,” I pointed out that, in my view, it was a great showcase not just for us, but for the entire motor coach business – from “the little guys” doing backyard bus conversions on up to the major manufacturers like we are today. 

And I think that’s worth repeating here, because Liberty Coach is the only company that really represents both ends of that spectrum. From the time myparents started on that first old Greyhound, right up to the day we finished the 2013 Verona Edition featured on the Destination America show, we’vebeen building them the same way. With the top materials, the best components, the finest workmanship. Each built one at a time. Each finished coach is one of a kind.

That’s how we’ve been doing business at Liberty Coach, year in and year out, for 40 years. And that’s what makes us the best in the business. To me, that’s a great American success story, and I think it’s important for America to get a chance to see it.


I think that’s worth

I think that’s worth repeating here, because Liberty Coach is the only company that really represents both ends of that spectrum. buy soundcloud followers

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