KEF Speakers and Liberty Coach: A Match Made In Heaven

KEF Speakers and Liberty Coach: A Match Made In Heaven


KEF Speakers and Liberty Coach: A Match Made In Heaven (North Chicago, IL and Stuart Florida) - Long known for its leadership in bringing technological innovations of all kinds to the luxury motorcoach industry, Liberty Coach has done it again – this time by tapping legendary British loudspeaker manufacturer KEF to design and supply custom speaker systems for all new coaches.

The initial result of the partnership was unveiled with the arrival of Liberty Coach #765 at the Prevost Prouds Rally, which was held May 15-19 in Tunica, Mississippi. The new coach is the first to feature an integrated KEF speaker system as standard equipment. “From our standpoint, it’s a match made in heaven,” said Frank Konigseder Jr., V.P. and co-owner of Liberty Coach. “For decades, Liberty Coach has been recognized as the best of the best in Prevost coach conversions, truly the ‘Rolls Royce’ of our industry. KEF enjoys comparable stature within theirs. And for good reason.”

Indeed. Since its founding in 1961, KEF has maintained its place at the very forefront of speaker engineering, constantly bringing product designs and technologies to market that break new ground in audio reproduction and visual aesthetics alike.

A case in point is the system KEF designed for Liberty Coach. It’s actually three systems in one, with separate integrated sets of speakers for TV viewing outside and the main living area and bedroom inside.

Each of the interior systems include a set of compact, yet exceptionally powerful in-ceiling speakers featuring KEF’s patented Uni-Q source driver array. This cutting edge technology, which the company describes as “arguably the greatest of all our many landmark innovations,” achieves a level of sound quality over a broad area that is simply not possible with conventional speakers – sound so naturally and perfectly integrated that it seems as if the musicians are actually right there in front of you.

The Uni-Q speakers are complemented by powerful KEF subwoofers and, in the main living area, by KEF’s ultra-sleek T101 center channel speaker as well. The outdoor TV system consists of a high-gloss black HTF8003 sound bar and matching subwoofer, with the sound bar mounted under the TV on a custom swing mount for easy storage.

Installation of the new speaker system required some major design and interior construction changes to the coach, said Kurt Konigseder, Frank’s brother and fellow V.P. in charge of engineering and production at Liberty’s North Chicago facility.

“We had to make modifications to the soffit along the ceiling line to accommodate the KEF ceiling speakers, which are substantially deeper than the conventional speakers we had been using,” Kurt said. “We also had to design special mounting supports and hardware to solidify the installations, and make some changes to the cabinetry.

“But we were able to do so without making any noticeable change to the interior volume of the coach,” he continued. “In fact, with the smaller dimensions of the KEF subwoofers (roughly half the width of the models Liberty had been using), we actually realized a net increase in storage space.”

And the sound? “In a word, it’s incredible,” Kurt said. “With the ceiling speakers, the difference in clarity is like night and day. And while the subwoofers may be half the size of the old ones, they deliver twice as much sound.”

“KEF is excited to partner with Liberty Coach as their loudspeaker purveyor,” said David Kroll, National Sales Manager of KEF / GP Acoustics (US), Inc. “Our brand identity is in perfect alignment with Liberty’s, and we know that just as any Liberty Coach owner will be thrilled with the KEF sound in their coach, any KEF loudspeaker owner would be just as thrilled driving in a Liberty Coach.”

The Konigseder brothers agreed. “This is the absolute ultimate in mobile sound systems, and the perfect complement to Liberty Coach. You’re going to be awed,” Frank said. “With KEF onboard, we’re adding a whole new dimension to the luxury motorcoach experience. Which is exactly what you expect from Liberty Coach.”

With locations in Stuart, FL and North Chicago, IL, Liberty Coach has been providing legendary leadership in the luxury motor coach industry for over 40 years. For more information about Liberty’s custom Prevost motor coaches, please visit or call 800-554-9877.