Liberty featured on “Mega RV Countdown,” January 6th on Travel Channel

Liberty featured on “Mega RV Countdown,” January 6th on Travel Channel

(North Chicago, IL and Stuart Florida) - When the world’s leading travel-oriented cable TV network announced plans to showcase “the most tricked-out, over-the-top, radical, retrofit RVs in the country,” it was only natural they’d want a Liberty Coach in the lineup.

After all, the North Chicago-based company practically invented the luxury motor coach business back in 1972. And in the 40 years since, wherever Liberty Coach leads, the rest of the industry follows.

That will become crystal clear when “Mega RV Countdown” hits the air in January on the Travel Channel. The premiere is scheduled for will Sunday, January 6th, 2013, at 8:00 PM EST.

Produced by High Noon Entertainment, the show features motorhomes from major manufacturers like Liberty Coach, as well as specialized RV design boutiques and even do-it-yourselfers. And while each featured vehicle is remarkable in its own way, viewers who really know the business will recognize Liberty’s influence in every one.

For the Liberty segment, V.P. Frank Konigseder chose the #750 Verona Edition, a 2013 coach featuring the company’s exclusive Super Slide Bedroom and packed with the top-of-the-line components and legendary workmanship for which Liberty Coach is so well known, as well as a custom exterior design by world-renowned automobile, boat, and aircraft painter Dean Loucks.

Loucks was on hand with Konigseder and his family for the show’s filming, which took place in early July at Outdoor Resorts of America’s St. Lucie West Resort.

“They really liked everything about the coach, inside and out,” Konigseder commented. “They also focused quite a bit on how we use it – driving to rallies around the country, socializing with other coach owners, and just generally living the ‘coach lifestyle.’”

Konigseder hopes you’ll tune in when “Mega RV Countdown” debuts this January. “Personally, I love the concept of the show, and it was a great experience to be part of it,” he said. “I know we’ll be watching on January 6th.”

“Because the bottom line is, this is a great showcase for the motor coach business. And the more people see of it, the better Liberty Coach looks.”